Instrumentation during A-LIFE field campaign

Here an overview is given. More details for some instruments are available via the menu on the right side.

Instrument Measured parameters
Condensation Particle Counters (CPC), 3 CPCs with different lower cut-off, 1 reference CPC for CCN measurements Total number concentration of fine mode particles (0.005 μm < Dp < 2.5 μm) and non-volatile particle fraction
Two Optical Particle Counters (OPC), type Grimm Sky 1.129 Total and non-volatile size distribution (0.25 μm < Dp < 2.5 μm)
Thermo-denuder (255°C) + (CPC and OPC) Total and non-volatile size distribution (0.01 μm < Dp < 2.5 μm)
Envitech Optical Particle Analyzer (OPAL) Simultaneous measurement of particle size distribution (~0.5 μm < Dp < 5 μm) and complex refractive index (660 and 808 nm)
Polar nephelometer, type Ecotech Aurora 4000 Particle light scattering coefficient at three wavelengths (450, 525, 635 nm). Light scattering coefficients will be recorded for total scattering and hemispheric backscattering.
Two Brechtel tri-color absorption photometer (TAP) Absorption coefficient of total aerosol and of sub-micron aerosol at three wavelengths (467, 528, 652 nm)
Three wavelength Particle Soot Absorption Photometer (3-λ-PSAP) Absorption coefficient of non-volatile aerosol at three wavelengths (467, 530, 660 nm)
Single Particle Soot Photometer (SP2) Refractory black carbon mass in the range 5-104 fg, corresponding to an equivalent size range of 80-480 nm, single-particle coating thickness, mixing state
Dual Column Cloud Condenstation Nuclei Counter (CCNC) Number concentration of cloud condensation nuclei at various supersaturations
Impactor sampler Chemical composition and shape of particles < 2.5 µm

Instrument Measured parameters
Ultra-high Sensitivity Aerosol Spectrometer – Airborne (UHSAS-A) Aerosol size distributions (0.06 μm < Dp < 1 μm)
Passive Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer Probe (PCASP-100X) Dry state accumulation mode (0.12 μm < Dp < 3.5 μm)
Cloud and Aerosol Spectrometer with Detector for Polarization Detection (CAS-DPOL) Aerosol particle and cloud hydrometeor size distributions (0.5 μm < Dp < 50 μm), particle optical properties, particle shapes
Second generation Cloud, Aerosol, and Precipitation Spectrometer with Polarization Detection (CAPS) Aerosol particle and cloud hydrometeor size distributions (0.5 μm < Dp < 930 μm), particle optical properties, particle shapes, liquid water content, aircraft velocity

Other instruments on DLR Falcon

Instrument Measured parameters
2-μm pulsed Doppler wind lidar Vertically resolved horizontal wind vector (conical scan), vertical wind speed (nadir pointing), and backscatter coefficient (conical scan and nadir pointing)
Falcon nose boom instrumentation Position, temperature, pressure, humidity, 3D-wind

Instrument Measured parameters
Instruments by TROPOS Leipzig Size distribution, absorption, ...
SSARA sun photometer Optical thickness as function of wavelength, polarization of the sky radiance at 500nm
CIMEL sun photometer Optical thickness and sky radiance as function of wavelength, additional capability: optical thickness during night (lunar photometer)
POLIS lidar Vertical aerosol profiles of backscatter coefficients, extinction coefficients, and linear depolarization ratio (at 355nm and 532nm)
Trace gas monitor (Aerolaser AL5002 Ultra Fast Carbon Monoxide (CO) analyzer and TECO 43C SO2 analyzer) Carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide concentration
Instruments by TU Darmstadt Single particle analysis (chemical composition, shape, size) ...